On June 14th, 2012 Shantel Davis, a 23-year-old African American woman was brutally shot and killed by narcotics Detective Philip Atkins. Since her killing, the NYPD has used her alleged criminal history to justify officer Atkins’ actions and his so-called “punishment”—paid desk duty.


#1. She was never convicted of a single crime.
#2. She had no knowledge that the vehicle she was killed in was stolen.#3. Hours before Shantel was killed, Shantel was online looking up a GED class to enroll in.

DETECTIVE PHILIP ATKINS’ RECORD: He has his own history of priors, and community members refer to him as “Bad Boy Atkins” for intimidating residents and using excessive force. In Atkins’ 12 years on the force he’s accumulated his own criminal record:

#1. Six federal civil rights lawsuits have been filed against him.
#2. Numerous complaints of misconduct registered with the Civilian Review Board.#3. He has cost the city $224,000 so far to settle just four of the six cases against him.

The killing of Shantel Davis shows the role of the NYPD is the same in every Black and Latino neighborhood of New York City—to intimidate, terrorize and kill with impunity.


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