Press and Video

Protest Demands Justice for Ramarley Graham
Larry Hales, Workers World 02/06/2013

Roundup: Why Police lie: Ramarley Graham; Police Killed 21 People in 2012
Rania Kalek, Dispatches From The Underclass- 02/03/2013

End Capitalism to Bring True Justice for Shantel Davis

Brooklyn PL’ers: It’s Not Just Atkins, It’s KKKapitalism
Challenge- 09/05/2012

Vigil Held for BK Woman Shot and Killed in Brownsville
News 12

Wanted for Shantel’s Murder
Challenge- 04/03/2012

Woman Shot to Death By Police in East Flatbush
Fred Dreier, Leslie Albrecht, Wil Cruz and Jess Wisloski,

Trini Shot Dead: NYPD Under Fire
Trinidad Express Newspapers-06/17/2012

Victims of Police Violence Take to the Streets for Justice
Peter Rugh, Waging Non-Violence – 08/24/2012

A Controversial Shooting Stirs Protest in East Flatbush
Carey Zamarriego, The Brooklyn Ink – 7/21/2012

NYPD Kills Again
Gina Sartori, Socialist Worker – 6/21/2012

Caribbean Rights Group Condemns Shantel Davis Killing
News Americas – 06/18/2012

The Shantel Davis Story Ignites Protests in Brooklyn
John Surico, The Village Voice – 06/16/2012

Shantel Davis, Shot and Killed by NYPD
Huffington Post – 06/15/2012


Natasha speaking at Ramarley Protest
You Tube- 02/02/2013

Protest on Aug 8th, 2012
You Tube- 06/19/2012

Protest Ray Kelly
Youtube – 9/27/2012

The Shantel Davis Story
We Are Paparazzi, Youtube – 8/30/2012

Vigil, March and Speakout
Youtube – 7/28/2012

Vigil and March to 67th Precinct
Youtube – 7/7/2012

Funeral for Shantel Davis
Youtube – 06/23/2012

First Vigil and Rally for Shantel Davis (Part One)
Youtube – 06/16/2012

First Vigil and Rally for Shantel Davis (Part Two)
Youtube – 06/16/2012


Solidarity Statement for Ramarley
Justice for Shantel Davis Committee – 9/12/2012

Justice for Shantel Rally and Press Conference
Justice for Shantel Davis Committee – 8/16/2012

Solidarity with Victims of Police Violence in Anaheim
Justice for Shantel Davis Committee – 8/8/2012