Dear Shantel Davis supporters,

The Shantel Davis Committee for Justice and Beyond needs your fighting spirit once again in the streets of east Flatbush and in our next meeting THIS MONDAY, March 18 at 7pm at Cupcake it Up (3910 Church Ave between East 39th and East 40th Streets).

This weekend police killed 16 year old young black man named Kamani “Kiki” Gray in east Flatbush. Police have already smeared Kiki’s name in the media by saying he pointed a gun at police despite witnesses who say Kiki was walking away from police and begged for police not to kill him. Everyone one of you know that the police told many similar lies about Shantel.

Shantel and Kiki did not deserve to be gunned down. These attacks are part of a systematic racist pattern of police terror. The NYPD unit that killed Kiki are part of the same unit that killed Shantel, undercover Brooklyn South Narcotics detectives operating out of the 67th prescient. Unfortunately Kiki is unlikely to be the last Flatbush youth gunned down for acting “suspicious.”

We are committed to building a movement in Flatbush and the city that fight for justice for Shantel and Kiki but also beyond to a world free of racist terror. Shantel Davis’s family and committee members knew Kiki, teach Kiki’s friends and work with his family. Kimani was named after his older cousin who attended the Shantel Davis BBQ back in August. Kiki’s fight is our fight. Stand with us as we support the Gray family and strive to be a focal point for positive change.

In Struggle,
Fernando Braga
Shantel Davis Committee for Justice and Beyond member